Wooden Worksurface

A pale hardwood, Maple is a lovely understated alternative to Beech or Oak. Very popular in America, Maple is becoming increasingly used in European kitchens to create beautiful, hard-wearing worksurfaces which have both style and strength.


Wooden Worksurface

The fine and short grain of European Beech makes it an easy wood to work with and it has a stunning durable finish. The toughness of European Beech makes it perfect for a kitchen worksurface.


Wooden Worksurface

As solid as oak, that’s exactly what our Oak worksurface offers as well as a beautiful woodgrain. The natural strength and hardness of the timber make it ideal for any kitchen.


Wooden Worksurface

Both highly durable and with exceptional, natural antibiotic properties, Iroko is a great surface for food preparation which makes it a perfect kitchen worksurface.


Wooden Worksurface

No longer just for the finest of furniture makers, Open House Walnut’s timeless finish is ideal for any modern or traditional kitchen.


Wooden Worksurface

The worktop with the wow factor. Our Black Oak worksurface has been specially treated to give a similar appearance to the highly prized tropical timber Wenge. Not only is this a fraction of the cost of Wenge it is also completely sustainable.

Choosing an Open House wooden worksurface will bring natural harmony to your kitchen.  As one of nature’s most versatile and enduring materials, we believe that wood gives warmth, life, character and heart to any kitchen.

It will take about 40 years for saplings to mature into trees that are ready for harvesting, so at Open House we never rush into producing wooden worksurfaces. The process begins in carefully selecting timber that comes from sustainable forests. Good forest management has always required the selective felling and planting of trees ensuring that our woods and forests remain for future generations.

Our FSC® certification provides a chain of custody that ensures a sustainable process is followed from the forest to the finished worksurface.

Our worksurfaces are made from precisely manufactured solid wood blocks or ‘staves’ of seasoned timber.

The staves have well proportioned dimensions to produce a beautiful and immensely strong solid wood worksurface. Each worksurface is unique in appearance due to the varying staves of natural timber selected. Staves are bonded together with finger joints and specialist adhesive.

The strength of a finger joint comes from the long-grain to long-grain contact between the fingers, which provides a solid gluing joint.

Open House solid wood worksurfaces are supplied with square cut ends which can be retained for a more contemporary feel or they can be machined to your own choice of profile.